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We at Turnary Games joined a local gamejam that our school organized where we only had around 16 hours to come up with an idea and start making a quick prototype. The theme for this gamejam was "It’s hammertime!", so it could be related to hammers/tools or MC Hammer/"can't touch this".

Now we spent like an hour or two just to brainstorming and coming up with a solid idea, and we settled with the idea of a reversed tower defence.

The current idea is that you send units towards the enemy, while they shoot down your units and builds towers to try to defeat you. Of course we had to have a hammer in here too so we have it as a weapon for the user to wack enemy units.

Hammertime Screenshot 1
Hammertime Screenshot 2

We did get pretty far on the short gamejam but we did not have a playable prototype when the jam finished, for you could not win nor lose, and the minions pathing were even bugged out then so they wouldn’t even move.

Now it’s been 1½ months since the jam ended and we have been continuing to work on the game since then.
Features included by the time this is written:

- Wack enemy minions, skulls projectiles, and towers to aid your own minions.
- Every now and then minions will spawn from the tree and from your castle to fight over the land.
- Collect coins from smashing enemies and use them to purchase additional units to win the battle.
- Win by getting your units to the enemy spawning pads, but be careful to not have let any enemy minions get to yours!

The game was has a released version on github that we uploaded at the end of the gamejam, but stay put for we will upload a nice update that involves all the promised features above in the coming month (hopefully =D).



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No download available!

I just got these pages set up just like a proof of concept. I have planned on rewriting them but that plan is somewhat delayed and under-prioritized.
If you are really craving to get a playable version just shoot me an email and I'll happily give you a link.
But for the meantime, this page stays the same.



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