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Made with Unity

Short summary
The game is about the player dodging waves of tiger, which are being catapulted into an arena. The tigers are creating collision waves of impact, which have to be avoided as well.

Daliphantus screenshot 1
Daliphantus screenshot 2
Daliphantus screenshot 3
Daliphantus screenshot 4
Daliphantus screenshot 5

I participated in GlobalGameJam 2017 and teamed up with some wonderful people in creating a neat little rythm/reaction/music game. With 48 hours and of work and sleep deprivation our group sculped the game called Daliphantus

The game as well as the downloadable version (only for windows, sorry) can be found at the GlobalGameJam.org site:

Diversifiers are small guidelines that are nice way to get some more ideas of how to create the game. As GlobalGameJam state on their site, "Creativity is born from constraints".
These 3 are the ones that we nailed:

- Old Masters: The art style of your game is based off of a master artist's style (i.e. Picasso, Klimt, Van Gogh).
- Lost library card: All sound sources are recorded or synthesised during the jam.
- NOT THE BEES: The mechanic is based on swarm tactics.


Kalle Jillheden
Lukas Törnqvist
Joel Zakrisson
Richard Brenick
Hassan Al kazmi
David Segal
Daniel Pettersson
Gemma Thomson


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