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Kalle Jillheden

Birth year: 1997
E-mail: kalle@jillheden.se
Website: kalle.jillheden.se

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Fast learner
Flexible worker


mediagymnasiet logo 2013-2016 Mediagymnasiet Game Design - Esthetic program

This program had a heavy focus on game design and project management. We got the chance to create games from scratch, including everything from brainstorming, prototyping, planning, working together, sticking to deadlines, delivering finished products.

During my school time at Mediagymnasiet I read extra courses of programming and mathematics. I received the grade A in programming 1 and 2 as well as in mathematics 1b, 2b, 3b, and 4.


2016-today Hello World! Camp leader helloworld logo

I have worked as a camp leader for Hello World!s pilot camp on Gålö 2016 where our task was to inspire up to 300 children for programming.
I contributed in the preparation though developing a code library to the game engine Defold. During Gålö 2016 I held in some classes about the technical parts of game development and had a coaching role for the kids personal projects.

2016-today Mediagymnasiet Substitute & assistant mediagymnasiet logo

In a quite ironic matter, I got a job at the school I just graduated from. I work as a substitute teacher when needed for their game development classes, and I work as an assistant for math and programming classes.

2015-2016 Värmdö Ridklubb sportscafe Cafe staff värmdö ridklubb logo

At the sportscafe I worked with customer service, preparing lighter meals, serving, managing cash, cleaning, etc.

2014 Solström Riv & Sanering Deconstruction solström logo

As a summer job I worked with demolition, deconstruction, and transportation of scrap from heating stations on different sites in the Stockholm area.

2011 CyberGymnasiet IT-support apprentice cybergymnasiet logo

Worked with IT-related tasks at Cybergymnasiet as an apprentice. The tasks varied from installing OS on 100 computers to supplying a classroom with monitors.



C# LUA GML C++ PHP Python Javascript HTML CSS GIT Cg/HLSL SQL Java

Chronologically ordered from a lot- (green) to a little bit (red) of knowledge.

I began programming at a very young age, starting with writing simple websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As years went by I got into game development and tried out engines like GameMaker and LÖVE, which is where I picked up the majority of the languages I know today. For example, I researched and learnt to use the basics Cg/HLSL just for Unity.

I have a passion for programming, but also in learning. I love spending time researching in documentations to find the most optimal solution.

Game engines
Unity GameMaker
unity logo gamemaker logo
Defold LÖVE Codea
defold logo löve logo codea logo
pygame logo
Corona Unreal Raylib
corona logo unreal logo raylib logo

Chronologically ordered from a lot- (green) to a little bit (red) of knowledge.


"Kalle has before and during the camps time been a big asset in the leader group, with high competence in game development and game design. /.../ He has with his positive posture towards problem solving been appreciated by camp leaders and colleagues."

Dag Wolters, general secretary @ Hello World!
and Sara Danielsson, camp leader @ Hello World!

"Kalle has dealt with his tasks with great responsibility, he is punctual and accommodating. He takes initiative and is stress resistant."

Maria Fredriksson, human resource manager @ Värmdö Ridklubb

"Karl Jillheden has performed his work without troubles and shown a strong interest for his work during this time. Karl has through his polite and pleasant behaviour gained appreciation from both me and his work comrades."

Tomas Solström, CEO @ Solström Riv & Sanering

"Learns quickly and works in a calm and methodical manner."

Tomas Ekström, IT-manager @ CyberGymnasiet