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8 months of development, scaled down to roughly 30 minutes of gameplay...

About the project

During our school assignment for our final big project (so called “Gymnasieprojekt”) the three members of Turnary Games joined together to create a game. We worked on the project intensively as soon as we had time for 8 months. Upon finishing the project we all received an award each for our hard work.

About the game

Battery Golem is a top down 3D puzzle game were your explore your way through mysterious lands using your electric powers. Travel through abandoned structures, small towns and meet new faces or strange creatures, see what the world has to offer.


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The team is composed of the 3 members of Turnary Games with the addition of Ludvig “Luthen” Parment who contributed with game music.

Fabian “Bejno” Falk

Project manager
Lead designer
World builder
Sound effects

Knut B. Hindersson

Art director
3D modelling

Kalle “Jag” Jillheden


Ludvig “Luthen” Parment


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No download available!

I just got these pages set up just like a proof of concept. I have planned on rewriting them but that plan is somewhat delayed and under-prioritized.
If you are really craving to get a playable version just shoot me an email and I'll happily give you a link.
But for the meantime, this page stays the same.